About Carl

I don’t really fit in here.  Portland, that is. It’s a strange city with political and cultural leanings that just don’t jibe with me.  But it’s my home and I love it.  I’ve owned and operated a bar and restaurant here for almost 18 years after fleeing the corporate world at an age when that type of rebellion was still acceptable.  Yet I remain, and I’m therefore living in an ongoing sociological study of human behavior that more times than not runs counter to my traditional upbringing.  The perspective from which I see this underworld, and how national politics and events shape it, is both a blessing and a burden.  But I do what I can to help.  The need to write about it was going to boil over eventually.


  1. I live in Southwest Portland and I am looking to meet up with fellow conservatives. I have been here since 2007 and it is very lonely to be a conservative. I can’t seem to find any decent organizations. Let me know if you are aware of any. I write this after Donald Trump has secured the presumptive nomination for the Republican party. It’s time for conservatives to organize and be heard!

    • Hello sir. Apologies for the delay.

      I am completely unaware of any local organizations for conservatives, and wouldn’t be surprised if there are none. I personally don’t seek out such things so I could be wrong.

      I might suggest you begin by asking around at any local church and going from there. Or, simply venture out of the Willamette Valley.

      Any loneliness may be reduced by embracing your black sheep status. I have. And this road less traveled around here is still quite beautiful. Best of luck. Thanks for reading.

  2. I lived in San Francisco and my wife and I are moving to Portland. Hopefully I will run into all of you. Shouldn’t be hard to sport normal people in that city! 🙂

  3. Love it. Looked to move to Portland in ’06. Moved to Charlotte instead, and dream about Portland every week. If I ever look to move there again, would you be able to show this conservative liberal (or is it liberal conservative) around?

  4. I stumbled across this and LOVED it! I live in a mid-sized blue collar town (Janesville) south of Madison, Wisconsin. I ruminate about wanting to move my family to Madison but I think I would feel exactly like Matt. I was raised in a conservative, frugal Republican family and Madison sounds eerily like Portland.
    If I ever move to Portland I will seek out a home for my family near to his…thanks Matt!

  5. My husband and I are moving there soon. We are very conservative, God loving, gun owning, heterosexual advocating, people. I can appreciate you page and hope to boost the conservative numbers there soon 🙂

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