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Drug Crime Too Close To Home

No political slant needed for this one.

In the neighborhood where my establishment is located, the underworld pulse is strong with drug and criminal activity.  The naïve won’t notice it, at least at first.  To them this place is a quaint, historical district with lots of character and charming people.  Personally, as I approach my 13thyear in this part of Portland, I can almost smell the debauchery.  That is, when I can’t see it.  The denizens of these streets identify themselves as participants by manner, dress, behavior, and also by a vibe that I’ve learned to pick up on that I really can’t describe.  (This is further evidence that I’ve been here too long.) Mark Edward Olson is no different.  Although I’ve never met him, I’ve observed enough to not be surprised at what I learned last Sunday morning.

PDXmugshot Mark Edward Olson

Stabbing Victim Mark Edward Olson

In the apartment building directly across the street from my bar, he was repeatedly stabbed and left for dead around 6am.  Death didn’t find him, as of yet, but it’s clear that a lot of other trouble has.  I mean, it took no effort at all to find his mug shot.  This particular one is for an earlier arrest involving methamphetamine.   So, as Mr. Olson lays in the hospital in critical condition, the question that comes to my mind is, are there really any innocent parties here?  Sure, there was a victim of horrible violence who may or may not survive.  But isn’t it clear that he simply reaped what he sowed?  And should they ever get out of jail, isn’t it safe to assume the two arrested for this incident will meet a related kind of fate?

I’ve learned a few truths about this aspect of my underworld.  One is that addiction is indeed a disease, but it’s one ignited by bad decision making which is launched by an absence of a moral foundation.  This void can usually be placed at the feet of uninvolved parents.  Secondly, street justice has a way of evening itself out.  Innocence doesn’t exist in the underworld, so each action is an affront to someone with the mentality to exact revenge.  The future isn’t often considered.  Consequences are never considered.  Rather, getting even and getting “rich” while maintaining credibility within peer groups is all that matters.

Of course, this is all relatively short lived.  Morgues and prisons put a stop to at least this version existence.  It remains to be seen if Mr. Olson will end up in either after this incident.  And if he doesn’t, I have no doubt he’ll get another shot soon.


Obamacare Waivers: I’ll say

national health care bill disastrous effectsObamaCare:  how government mandate can turn good intentions into abominations.

In my small business, offering perks to my employees is next to impossible.  On the top of my wish list would be the opportunity to offer them health insurance.  Many would say that as of recently, that became a possibility.  That is sadly not so.  I consider President Obama’s national healthcare bill to be perhaps the very worst piece of legislation passed in our country in my lifetime.

Health insurance and health care are two different things.  And the president’s effort to extend the former to everyone has in turn driven up it’s cost while reducing the quality of the latter.  Because providing opportunity through the free market runs contrary to them, this is a classic example of the liberal mindset of instead wanting to evenly spread misery across a population in the name of fairness.

Cost of healthcare is the issue here.  What has been termed Obamacare doesn’t lower the cost of providing the health care. Rather, it expands the pool of those who drive up the costs and extends to the government the power to oversee it. And we all know the government doesn’t ever do things within budget.

How is forcing my employees to buy insurance they can’t afford helping them? How will fining them when they don’t buy it help? Why does a family of 4 making $88,200 a year need a government subsidy for their health insurance? Why do registered sex offenders need access to Viagra on the public dime? And I won’t even go into the publicly funded abortion issue for fear of smashing this keyboard.

I know the attitudes when debating topics such as this are partisan to a fault. I’m guilty as anyone.  But to anyone who has ever been passionate about government spending, this ponzi scheme should enrage them. That, and the overt power grab in the assuming of 1/6 of our economy while mimicking the Eruo social democracies does me.

If we really want to make health insurance more affordable to my employees, as I do, then this isn’t the way. Rather, it’s the work of blatant ideologues. There are more affordable, and I’d say effective, things we could try first (say, eliminating state boundaries for the insurance market.  Or tort reform, maybe.) They are not interested in those things. They don’t want them getting in the way of their frightening agenda.

This is Big Brother, but in real life.  Ignorance, or a complete rejection of the American way, are the only reasons anyone would believe him when he says he’s got good intentions.